5 Top Tips for Getting Art Jobs or Securing an Art Career

With the economy the way it is, securing jobs is becoming ever more tricky. Art Jobs, in particular, are few and far between.

In response to this, I thought that I’d share with you a few top tips and links on this site and allow other users to share theirs in order to maximise everyone’s chances of securing the right Art Jobs for them.

Art Jobs Tip #1

If you are an artist and you haven’t already done so – exhibit your work via a digital gallery network. (The Art Retail Network is probably the best we’ve found.) For the price of a beer each month your art is available for sale via every physical gallery across the world who is a member of the network. If your work is popular and sells then that may be all you need to do to spark a career as an artist. Gotta be in it to win it!

Art Jobs Tip #2

Understand the business principal of differentiation. When describing yourself (for Art Jobs) or your art work (for an Art Career) describe in terms of complete uniqueness. A trick to achieve this is to use the words “first” or “only” in relation to the things you feel are unique. “I am likely to be the only candidate you’ll see today capable of _______.”

Art Jobs Tip #3

Learn to talk in benefit language. This is real low hanging fruit in the Art Jobs / Art Career world. Qualifications are facts or features of you. Your painting style is a fact/feature of your work. Benefit is what the business or organisation will get by employing you…..eg… twice as many customers through the door, a happier bunch of clients. If it’s your art – how do people feel when they look at it? What do they experience? Use the words “feel” and “experience” at the beginning of your sentences and you are talking in benefit language.

Art Jobs Tip #4

Legitimise. In other words…..prove it! Obviously you think you/your art work is great. You have a vested interest in saying so. Whoever is interviewing you for your Art Job will need more convincing of that. 3rd parties are the best source of this (not your parents though!). Quotes from a University Professor, previous employer, fans of you / your art. Awards, accreditations, other achievements are all examples of this too. Be careful though – these should not be random but should refer directly to the benefit you stated in Art Jobs Tip #3. This tip exists to prove your ability to deliver on that claim. Nothing more.

Art Jobs Tip #5

Be remembered for something. Whatever you do, don’t be afraid of sticking your head above the¬†parapet with a unique or different approach. There are a lot of candidates out there. There are a lot of pieces of art out there. Whether you are applying for an Art Job or trying to establish an Art Career the same rules apply. Better to be remembered as the guy or girl that was great at “xxxx” than to merge into some¬†homogeneous abyss of other candidates or other art work. Even if that was not the right thing that day, that’s fine. The real crime is if they didn’t know why they should employ you because you played it down just to fit in.

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Add Your Own Tips!

That was just to get you started! If you have some helpful experience for others in securing Art Jobs or to further their Art Career then feel free to respond to this post. Let’s make this page as helpful as possible!

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